26-05-2018:Quotation for Supply of A5 size JK Brand Photocopier Paper

25-04-2018:Tender for Supply of Big Size Indian National Flag

19-04-2018:Notice regarding Implementation of CIS NC 1.0 Dated 16.04.2018

19-04-2018:Advocate Details Form

19-04-2018:Award of Tender for Supply, Installation and Testing of 509 Number of Duplex Laser Network Printers and 509 Number of MFD Network Printers for the 509 number of Court Rooms across the State under eCourts Project Phase-II

19-04-2018:Award of Tender for Annual Maintenance Contract for Hardware of LED/ LCD Digital Display Boards installed at various premises of the Court

17-04-2018:Award of Tender for supply, installation and maintenance of 141 number of 2 TB Hard disk for 141 number of Court Complexes

16-04-2018:Modification of the nomenclature of Miscellaneous cases(MC) to Interim Applications(IA)

13-04-2018:List of Officers selected for appointment in the cadre of District Judge by way of usual promotion for the year, 2017

13-04-2018:Result of the Interview held on 13.04.2018 for absorption of Fast Track Court ADJs in the regular cadre of District Judge

13-04-2018:Promotion of Shri Prasanta Kumar Nayak to cadre of District Judge

04-04-2018:Quotation for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of new Fire Extinguishers under buy-back scheme for Orissa High Court

29-03-2018:Holding of Morning Sittings of the Subordinate Courts during Summer, 2018

28-03-2018:Quotations specifying the price of the Homeopathic Medicines

26-02-2018:Financial Bid Opening on 27.02.2018 for Supply, Installation & Maintenance of 141 number of UPS (2KVA)

09-02-2018:Tender Notice for procurement of Fire-fighting Equipments / Apparatus for the Court