There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children

" Nelson Mandela "

"First and foremost, an attempt should be
Made to keep the child in family itself."

"Hon'ble JJ Committee,Orissa High Court, Cuttack "

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Chakradhari Sharan Singh

Chief Justice, High Court of Orissa

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Debabrata Dash


Hon'ble Mr. Justice Sangam Kumar Sahoo


Hon'ble Miss Justice Savitri Ratho


Hon'ble Mr. Justice Aditya Kumar Mohapatra


Hon'ble Mr. Justice Murahari Sri Raman

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1 United Nations Rules for the Protection of Juveniles Deprived of their Liberty PDF Icon 105.37 KB
2 The UNCRC 1989 PDF Icon 112.42 KB
3 Riyadh Guidelines PDF Icon 82.36 KB
4 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights PDF Icon 248 KB
5 Beijing Rules(1985) PDF Icon 125.56 KB
6 POCSO Training Manual-March 2020 PDF Icon 59.64 MB
7 CICL training Manual-Judicial Personnel PDF Icon 89.21 MB
8 Living Conditions in Institutions cor Children in Conflict with Law Manual, March-2017 PDF Icon 5.1 MB
9 The National Policy for Children, 2013 PDF Icon 347.07 KB
10 National Charter for Children, 2003 PDF Icon 116.29 KB
11 Release of National Report at Banglore on 05-08-2017 PDF Icon 13.65 MB