Acting Chief Justice

Acting Chief Justice, Orissa High Court

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Chakradhari Sharan Singh

Chief Justice, High Court of Orissa

Name                                     :        Hon’ble Mr. Justice Chakradhari Sharan Singh

Source                                   :        Bar

Date of Birth                          :        20-JAN-1963

Initial Joining

(as a Judge of Patna HC)      :        05-APR-2012

Joining as Chief Justice,

(High Court of Orissa)            :        07-FEB-2024

Date of Retirement                 :        19-JAN-2025


Born on 20.01.1963, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Chakradhari Sharan Singh was enrolled as an Advocate on 30.10.1990 after having obtained LL.B. Degree from University of Delhi (Campus Law Centre). He was appointed as an Additional Standing Counsel, Central Government in 1998 and continued as such up to October, 2001. He was empanelled as Counsel for Patna High Court on its administrative side during initial years of his practice. He practiced mainly in Service, Constitutional and Criminal matters and also dealt with cases under Central Excise, Customs and Labour Laws. He was appointed as a panel counsel by Comptroller and Auditor General of India for conducting cases on behalf of Accountant General Office in Patna High Court. He received training as mediator in 2006 and was appointed mediator for Patna High Court Mediation Centre. He was designated Senior Advocate with effect from 18.09.2010. He was appointed as the Additional Advocate General, Govt. of Bihar in December, 2010 and continued as such till his elevation as an Additional Judge, Patna High Court with effect from 05.04.2012.  His lordship was the Acting Chief Justice, Patna High Court from 06.02.2023 till 28.03.2023.  On being elevated as the Chief Justice of the High Court of Orissa, took oath on 07.02.2024.